Can a dog or cat have allergies?

my dog and cat has allergies

Yes. Dogs and cats can suffer from both food and environmental allergies.

Signs your dog or cat has food allergies

  • gas
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • excessive itching
  • red patchy skin
  • hair loss
  • open sores or scabs

Signs your dog or cat has environmental allergies

  • watery or gooey eyes
  • excessive licking
  • excessive itching
  • chewing skin

Natural remedies for dog and cats with allergies

For all natural tips to remedy your pet’s allergies read our article: How to treat your pet’s allergies naturally. It is also beneficial to give your pet an allergy supplement for fast relief. Our natural allergy formula Pet-Enzymes Plus® is for cats and dogs that need extra allergy support, especially those who suffer from seasonal allergies in the springtime.

natural supplement for dogs and cats with allergies
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