dogs and cats with allergies

5 things every pet with allergies needs

If your pet has allergies and you are interested in natural solutions for your pet’s health– look no further! Below we share our top 5 ways to naturally treat a pet with allergies. 1.Try to prevent exposure to chemicals that can cause sensitivities Just like humans, pets can be allergic to certain soaps, detergents, or […]


How to clean your pet’s ears

How Often? How often you clean your pet’s ears will depend on age, breed, health, and a number of other factors. We recommend cleaning at least once per week or whenever you bathe your pet. Always After Baths It is important to clean your pets ears after each bath. This will help prevent bacteria buildup […]

dogs and cats with allergies

Can my pet get lice?

Lice aren’t just a human problem.  There’s a canine variety. Like fleas, these flat, gray, wingless parasites may be small, but they can make your dog miserable. There are two types of canine lice: (a) Chewing lice– Attach themselves to the base of the dogs hair. They like moist areas like ears, genitals, anus, and skin […]


A 3 step plan to get rid of your dog’s warts naturally

Follow this 3 step plan to get rid of your dog’s warts naturally. 1) Double up on probiotics Give your pet 2 scoops of Total-Biotics® for every 1 cup of pet food at each meal. Do this every day until the warts disappear, then go back to normal dosing. After the warts are gone, maintain […]


How to use Oxy-pH Boost™ For Pets

Oxy-pH Boost™ for Pets can be used both orally and topically to kill yeast, fungus, and bad bacteria. It helps alkalinize the system and can be used to promote energy, endurance, and boost the immune system. Below are a few ways you may use Oxy-pH Boost™ for your pet depending on his specific needs. Please […]