A summer snack you can share with your dog

Summer beach days, backyard barbecues, and trips to the lake call for yummy snacks that refresh and energize. You’ll love preparing this simple summer snack recipe that you can eat alone or share with your dog. The best part? Each ingredient in this “trail mix” contains whole food nutrition with important health benefits for both […]


Can I give himalayan crystal salt to my pet?

Can I give Himalayan Crystal Salt to my pet? According to himalayancrystalsalt.com the answer is yes! They write: Just as with humans, the natural crystal salt will have its positive effect on the animal body. A few drops in your pet’s food will increase the vitality and strengthen the immune system of your pet or […]


Total-Zymes® FAQ part 2

To see Part 1 of the FAQ click: Total-Zymes® FAQ 3. Why choose  Total-Zymes® over other digestive enzyme products for pets? The market place is rife with products to aid in issues of every kind. As with most things, you usually do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many products do use ingredients that will […]


Total-Zymes® FAQ

1. What are digestive enzymes? Enzymes are products that either begin or enhance the speed of chemical reactions. Present in the cells of plants and animals, they regulate biochemical reactions in both active and in active forms. They are specific with respect to their functions and do only that which they were designed to do. […]

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How to choose a digestive enzyme for your pet

Make sure to get a complete enzyme product that offers only vegetarian sourced enzymes. Avoid animal based enzyme products with names like pancreatin, ox bile, trypsin and chymotrypsin. These are old fashioned and are harvested by juicing the organs of pig and cow cadavers from slaughter houses. Pancreatic enzymes have an activity level limited to a […]