Core-Hemp™ for people and pets

Core-Hemp™ is a full spectrum PCR formula delivered in an organic hemp oil. Core-Hemp™ has always been 100% human grade and is being consumed by adult humans as well as their pets. Our new label has simplified instructions for both people and pets. Although legal, there are a lot of misconceptions about hemp and CBD. We are using the term PCR, […]


Natural ways to help your pet lose weight

If your pet is overweight and it is impacting his health in a negative way you no doubt are looking for natural remedies to help him become healthy again. Today we are sharing the five most important things you can do to help manage your pet’s weight in a safe and gentile way. Start with […]


Why natural healing should be affordable

It has often been said that our pets give us more than we give them. They give us love, companionship, and make us laugh. Although our lives and day-to-day stresses are ever changing the loyalty of our pets remain.  It’s clear to see then, why pet healthcare has grown ever more important. And as advocates […]