A 3 step plan to get rid of your dog’s warts naturally

Follow this 3 step plan to get rid of your dog’s warts naturally. 1) Double up on probiotics Give your pet 2 scoops of Total-Biotics® for every 1 cup of pet food at each meal. Do this every day until the warts disappear, then go back to normal dosing. After the warts are gone, maintain […]


Natural supplements for dogs with warts

If your dog has warts and they are not bothersome, we recommend leaving them as is and going the “natural route” to get rid of them. Below we will offer some natural home remedies for relieving your dog of warts, including two all natural supplements you’ll want to include in your natural wart removal plan. […]

canine warts

Read this if you think your dog has warts

What are Canine Warts? Canine warts are benign growths (just like human warts) that most often appear around the mouth, neck, and paws, although they can spread throughout the entire body. Canine warts appear due to a virus in the body, and can sometimes go away on their own. Does My Pet Have Warts? The […]