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Pet Enzymes : Probiotics For Dogs And Cats : Use Both

Why Use Both Enzymes and Probiotics?


Why is it so important?

 It is always recommended to use enzymes with probiotics for a complete digestive solution.

Enzymes will help your pets digestion and absorption of their food, no matter what you feed them.

The digestive system is the first line of defense for the immune system; keeping it in optimal condition benefits overall health and immunity, probiotics and enzymes will keeps this in check.

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All pets benefits from a daily dose of enzymes and probiotics.

What are the benefits of using both enzymes and probiotics:

probiotics for dogsHealthy digestive system

probiotics for dogsHealthy immune system

probiotics for dogsReduced food intolerance

probiotics for dogsSmaller and firmer stools

probiotics for dogs
total-zymes plus

Total-Zymes® PLUS™ All the benefits of Enzymes and ProBiotics in a delicious and convenient, treat-form tablet!

Total-Zymes® PLUS™ will help combat digestive problems, while enhancing a beneficial bacterial balance.

 Why Choose NWC Naturals® pet Products...

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We have been supporting pet's health since 2003.

We have the reputation of being top quality and with very high standards.

Buy carrying any of NWC Naturals® Pet products you can be assured that you will be selling the best quality products on the market to your customers.

Make sure you give your customer the best! All NWC Naturals® Pet products are All Human Grade Quality , formulated for Pets.


Domestic dogs and cats are carnivores by nature. Their ancestors lived off fresh meat rich in enzymes and complex nutrients.

They supplemented their food by eating grass and dirt which were teaming with digestive aids that helped break down and process the food. Dry and canned pet foods are void of essential nutrients and digestive enzymes.

We can help our pets by giving them a complete vegetarian enzyme supplement with probiotics.

A growing number of vets are stating that cooked or processed pet food is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern house pet!

Animals are meant to eat a 100% raw diet, but is that practical. So adding enzymes with probiotics makes it a complete digestion solution. Use a formula with at least 14 types of vegetarian enzymes and 11 live probiotics.

Using Total-Zymes® PLUS™ on your pet's food is as close as you can get to the benefits of an all raw food diet.

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics complement each other. The enzymes help digest the food and probiotics make sure the immune system is not compromised while doing it.
probiotics for dogs

By supplementing your dog's food with live probiotics and vegetarian digestive enzymes daily, you can reduce bodily stress and thus symptoms of poor digestion and elimination of toxins.

The Probiotics will crowd out harmful bacteria and help build up the immune system and digestive enzymes will take the digestive burden off your dog's pancreas.

So together they are the total digestion solution for your pets !


Twin Pack™ for Pets

probiotics for dogsEach Comes in Large 227gm or small 63gm

probiotics for dogsHuman grade Ingredients, formulated just for pets

probiotics for dogsWith the L.E.A.D.S® enzyme delivery system

probiotics for dogsMade and bottled in a USA facility

probiotics for dogs

Supplemental enzymes replace the enzymes once present in raw food. Most enzymes are lost in cooking and processing. Only raw or uncooked food contains enzymes. Nature put these enzymes in food to aid in digesting the food pets eat so their body's enzymes would not have to handle all the work.

By using, a supplemental enzyme on your pet's food you free up their body's enzymes. When enzymes are missing from our pets food, the full burden of digestion falls on the pets own digestive and immune system.

Food sits in their stomach for nearly an hour before their body's digestive enzymes are secreted. It is during this time that food and supplemental enzymes do their best work breaking down complex food molecules

During the first 30 to 60 minutes after eating, enzymes are hard at work, predigesting food long before the stomach acids render some of them inactive.

Enzymes not destroyed in the stomach are re-activated in the small intestine and continue working to fully digest your pet's food. Without proper digestion weight can become a problem.

Another sign of digestive disorders is a pet that showing signs of being LETHARGIC. In general a tired and lacking energy. This may be because they are not digesting their food and not getting the nutrients they need

probiotics for dogs 

Today's typical diet of canned food, baked kibble and processed treats make it very important to give your pet supplemental enzymes and probiotics to relieve some of the body's digestive stress.

Since your pet's body will put a higher priority on digestion than on maintaining health, it will steal enzymes from the immune system to finish digestion. Taking a supplemental enzymes and probiotics can help take stress off not only their digestive organs, but also our pet's immune system.

Six great tips to look for in a good probiotic supplement:

1. Does it contains multiple strains of good bacteria at least 11 or more?  Many probiotics contain one to six strains only, that may not be able to do enough. Contain the best live probiotics from Nebraska Cultures. 

2. Delivers a potent formula? Does it have an enzyme mineral delivery system. Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®. L.E.A.D.S.® insures complete digestion and assimilation of all your pets food at a cellular level. 

3. Beneficial bacteria reach the small intestine? Stable 5 different ways. 

4. Manufactured to deliver live, viable organisms? Should have more at manufacturing than what is claimed on label. Many "bargain" products are manufactured without consideration of exposing delicate organisms to heat, air or moisture, factors that can damage or destroy them.

5. Easy to store? Must be able to store at room temperature by your pets food. 

6. GMP certified? Must be made at a factory that is GMP certified and human quality products. Many products do not receive this certification. You can never be sure if your pet is really getting what you think. At best, you're just wasting money on an ineffective product. At worst, potential harm can result.

We can happily say yes! to all of the above about Total-Zymes®  Plus  probiotics for dogs and cats see how it compares to the rest. I know you won't want to settle for anything less.

Our pets mean everything to us and they depend on us to keep them healthy!

Any information provided is not veterinary advice and should not be substituted for a regular consultation with a veterinary professional. If you have any concerns about your pet's health, contact your veterinarian's office.

You can help maintain the proper balance of bacterial flora in your pets gut and thus, they can enjoy better health and vitality.

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