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Facts About Probiotics

Probiotics, sometimes called “friendly bacteria,” are beneficial microorganisms that naturally inhabit the digestive system.

Probiotic bacteria in our pets bodies are essential to maintaining good health, as proven by many years of scientific research! Normally your pets have an abundance of friendly bacteria, but certain circumstances can lead to a depletion of these essential microorganisms.

What are the Benefits of Multi-Strain Probiotics:

Each strain has its own special job and the tools to offer different benefits in the gut.

The higher the number of different species, the more varied and balanced colonization you will get thus a wider array of benefits.

Probiotics do not crowd each other out, as they all have their own pH range they like and implant in that area only.

So what you get is a more balanced probiotic that supports your pet's immune system better. both active and inactive forms in cells.

Information by Khem H Shahani, PH. D And Arthur C. Guyton, M.D. Textbook of Medical Physiology

Probiotic- supportive of life. A bacteria which has the capacity to prevent or reduce the effect of a pathogenic organism infection.

To be effective, the probiotic must increase in the host, while decreasing the number and the effect of the disease-producing organism.

Pet health depends on the presence of some bacteria in the digestive tract. A Large breed pet weighing 65-70 pounds needs up to 1.5 pounds of beneficial bacteria in its gut to protect against low immune system.

It is of essence to pet health that a probiotic internal environment be established.

The correction of an internal bacterial imbalance is referred to as a "probiotic healing".

Healthy function:

Healthful bacteria that coats and protects the intestinal wall, along with other factors obtained from food or from natural intestinal secretions, inhibit unhealthful bacteria and contribute to maintaining bacterial balance and optimal intestinal health.

Unhealthy Function:

With healthful bacteria and other protective factors missing, unhealthful bacteria, yeast, parasites and toxins may accumulate, damaging the intestinal wall, producing poor intestinal health.

Unfortunately pets have an imbalance in the intestinal tract due to owners giving them table food or a diet of cheap pet foods deficient in nutrition. Bad treats with sugars and high in fats.

This type of diet could potentially tip the intestinal balance toward overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria and the proliferation of yeast fungal organism. It is also associated with less frequent bowel movements or diarrhea.

Even as little as one course of antibiotics can deteriorate that rich, protective coating of microorganisms' and up the balance between healthful and unhealthful bacteria, reducing resistance to intestinal and systemic ill health.

Helpful Suggestion for Achieving Optimal Intestinal Health:

Avoid the use of cheep pet foods and broad spectrum antibiotics as much as possible. Give pets the best food you can buy. Clean pure water. Supplement the diet with, probiotics to support a balanced and healthy population of intestinal bacteria.

We only use Probiotics from Nebraska Cultures.


For centuries natives of the Balkan islands have enjoyed extraordinary long and healthy lives. It was eventually determined that their good fortune was, in part, due to the fact that they ingest large quantities of lactobacilli (good bacteria) at every meal.

Without good bacteria, a pet's body would be unable to fight off disease, absorb food properly, and their intestines become overrun with toxins and waste, which set the breeding ground for disease.

What effects the natural balance of probiotics?

Unfortunately, every time your pet drinks chlorinated water, eat fatty foods, get stressed or become overly tired, good bacteria is destroyed in their bodies. Even the pet foods we feed our pets to keep them healthy, like meat and poultry can contain antibiotics, further reducing the levels of good bacteria.

For most pets this means they are negatively affecting their bodies' ability to stay healthy on a daily basis.

What is the real scoop, what is a CFU?

CFUs or Colony Forming Units - A unit of measurement used in microbiology that indicates the number of live microorganisms present.

Think of them like seeds that you are going to use to plant a garden. It is also a measure of how many bacteria or yeast (there are some yeasts that are considered probiotic) are able to divide and form colonies. It might be easier, to think of colony forming units as being a single bacterium. If the probiotic bacteria are capable of dividing and forming colonies then that is proof that they are alive and healthy.

Many cheap probiotics are unstable and lose their beneficial properties in the stomach before the probiotics can reach the intestine. The intestine is where the probiotics need to implant in order to seed the intestinal tract with healthy flora. They must have the proper amount of CFU's.

Beneficial properties of probiotics and L. acidophilus DDS-1:

Enzyme productions such as protease which help digest proteins and lipases to digest fat.

Production of B vitamins which are biocatalysts in food digestion, particularly folic acid and B12.

They improve digestibility of food for animals and humans..

They produce natural antibiotics- such as Acidophilin from L. acidophilus DDS-1 (which had been patented) and L. bulgaricus..

They inhibit the growth of 23 toxin producing microorganisms..

They may help in the alleviation of lactose intolerance caused by the deficiency of the enzyme lactase.

Lactase may help digest lactose more fully and thereby reduce the possibility of bad breath or gas.

L.acidophilus DDS-1 has been scientifically "modified" to be highly resistant to several commonly known antibiotics, this is a paramount importance because it can be taken soon after or during an antibiotic therapy.

DDS-1 is highly stable to adverse conditions of manufacture and storage. The unique process of manufacturing DDS-1 coupled with addition of suitable cryoprotectant and specially designed natural stabilizer, protect the microorganism against humidity, light, heat, and oxygen, providing a stability unsurpassed as far as is know.

Most food supplements on the market which do not meet the standards claimed on their labels.

The consumer has every right to demand that the product actually meets the standards or claims made for the product.

How many different strains should be in a formula?

One to six different strains of probiotics is just not enough.

Healthy intestines should be filled with “good guy” bacteria.

These “good guys” can be likened to superheroes: They fight crime (like gas, bloating, and diarrhea, constipation), and they keep the bad guys (harmful bacteria like E.Coli and salmonella) under control! But without the good guys to take care of the intestines and keep them clean and safe, the bad bacteria can flourish and cause a number of health problems.

Many cheap probiotics are unstable and lose their beneficial properties in the stomach before the probiotics can reach the intestine. The intestine is where the probiotics need to implant in order to seed the intestinal tract with healthy flora.

There are more than 400 probiotics strains naturally occurring in both dogs and people. What determines how many different strains should be in a formula? This depends on how many strains can be added that are stabilized, the more the merrier.

Since each strain has its own special job the more different species in a product makes for better colonization. They do not crowd each other out as they all have their own pH they like to live in and implant in that area only.

If you can imagine over 400 different species all coexisting together in nature you can see it's not an issue supplementing with 14 different live stabilized strains.

So companies claiming that supplementing with anything over 6 different species is not accurate, they just do not know their science, nor do they understand how nature works.

NWC Naturals® pet products are formulated by the top probiotics specialists in the world with over 50 years of research behind them.

Total-Biotics® uses Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 originally discovered and researched by Dr. Khem Shahani. Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 is the most researched probiotic in the world. Total-Biotics® also is formulated with 10 other live, viable probiotics from Nebraska Cultures using a patented stabilization method and then blended into our pet formula.

Pet owners see better results with Total-Biotics® than any other pet probiotic product on the market.

Directions for raw fed pets.

Assuming that you are feeding only 100% raw meat with no potatoes, rice or vegetables that needs to be cooked. What I recommend for raw fed dogs is this. Cut the amount of Total-Zymes® to ¼ to ½ scoops per cup of raw food. The benefit is, Total-Zymes® will replace the enzymes lost in freezing and handling of the meat. Then the enzymes over and above what is needed to digest the food will be used systemically to combat inflammation and joint discomfort. Those enzymes will also work on possible allergens such as pollen, dander, dust mite feces and more. It can also prevent a reaction with flea bite saliva; there is a protein in flea’s salvia that causes the itch.

Total-Biotics® on the other hand should be doubled to two scoops per cup of raw food. This will insure your pet’s intestinal tract will remain well populated with good bacteria thus crowding out bad bacteria and yeasts. Because the meat is not a fresh kill, like it would be in the wild, (a squirrel or rabbit) and has been handled in a commercial meat packing plant the possibility of bacterial contamination is greater (E.coli, salmonella ,etc.). Remember freezing does not kill bacteria.

We have many raw fed dog and cats that are thriving on this adjusted dosing of Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics®.

Why Enzymes

Is Total-Biotics® just for sick pets?
No, this is the most powerful high colony forming formula in the world supplying 1 Billion CFUs of 14 different strains of good guy bacteria matched to each cup of food consumed. Pets that are convalescing definitely will benefit greatly from this product, and it is essential that all pets have a daily supplement of pro-biotics to build their susceptible immune systems

What type of research is behind the Total-Biotics® formula?

Total-Biotics® combines the latest research and clinical studies into one powerful formula. The probiotics in this formula were selected after consulting with Dr. Khem Shahani from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Shahani is recognized as the world's foremost authority on beneficial bacteria supplementation and is a pioneer in the discovery of DDS-1 Acidophilus.

Does Total-Biotics® have a bad taste?
Total-Biotics® basically has no flavor! Since it is all human grade ingredients, try it yourself.

Are there any side effects?

Total-Biotics® has no known side effects.

If my pet is on medication, can I safely use this formula?

It is safe to take Total-Biotics® along with medication. There are no known drug interactions and the ingredients do not alter the action of any medications. In fact, since antibiotics can actually wreak havoc on your pet's immune system, taking probiotics along with medications can positively affect their health.

I already give my pet a multi-vitamin, why take this formula in addition?

Multivitamins provide general nutritional support to the body but only if you have enough good bacteria in your body to allow for absorption. Total-Biotics® uses 14 strains of probiotics to help clean your system of toxins and improve nutrient absorption.

I heard that you should not take immune boosters daily, Is that true?

Total-Biotics® does not work like your typical immune booster. It works by cleaning out your pet's intestines of the toxins and other material, which has been left behind after digestion has failed. In doing this, it reestablishes the pH balance, allowing your pet's body once again become healthy and fight potential disease and infection better than ever

Can I give Total-Biotics® to my new puppies?

This formula is safe for most pets. For puppies, as soon as they are eating kibble or canned food the full dose is recommended. Hand feeding newly weaned puppies with baby cereal use half the recommended dose until they start kibble

I have a bitch in whelp/nursing. Can I safely use this formula?

Total-Biotics® is safe, however, you should always check with your veterinarian before beginning any supplementation if you are breeding. This formula would even be safe for an infant human.

My pet is allergic to yeast and gluten, can I use this formula?

Total-Biotics® contains no yeast or gluten.

Is it necessary to refrigerate Total-Biotics®?

Total-Biotics® requires no refrigeration. The product will stay fresh and viable if kept cool. Refrigeration or even freezing is not necessary but it will prolong potency.

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Our powders do not contain any, chemicals, gluten, dairy, eggs, preservatives, corn, artificial coloring or flavoring. All Natural Ingredients are guaranteed Non-GMO. Our facility that manufactures all of our formulas are inspected and certified by NSF International and is in full compliance with GMP Requirements for Dietary Supplements. We also utilize a third party testing lab that insures that all our quality ingredients are tested and retested for purity and quality.

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