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Krill Oil : Verses : Fish Oil : Which To Choose

What Benefits Do Omega 's Have For My Pet!


Why is it so important?

 Today, our pets are receiving more Omega 6 fatty acids in their diets than necessary.

The cattle meat used in most pet foods contains an unnecessary amount of Omega 6 fatty acids because the cattle are now being fed grains instead of grass.

Too many Omega 6 fatty acids can cause arthritis, allergies, skin disorders and obesity in our pets.

Supplementing our pets’ diets with Omega 3 fatty acids will help to normalize this imbalance.

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All pets benefits from Omega 3 fatty acids even cats!

What are the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids:

krill oil for pets Suppoert seasonal itching

krill oil for petsSupports healthy joints in pets

krill oil for pets Supports healthy skin and coat

krill oil for pets

Buy carrying any of NWC Naturals® Pet products you can be assured that you will be selling the best quality products on the market to your customers.

krill oil for pets

Tri-KRILLfor pets - is FOUR times more potent than Fish Oil and therefore has four times the benefit!

Tri-KRILLfor pets - contains 24 times more astaxanthin than salmon

More absorbable then fish oil.  

 Why Choose NWC Naturals® pet Products...

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We have been supporting pet's health since 2003.

We have the reputation of being top quality and with very high standards.

Make sure you give your customer the best! All NWC Naturals® Pet products are All Human Grade Quality , formulated for Pets.

Tri-KRILL has an extract of Krill sourced directly from the Antarctic; combines the power of Krill Phospholipids with 6mg of astaxanthin per 1 500mg easy-to-take Liqui-Krill™ capsule.


krill oil for petsKrill oil contains a higher concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, and also contains Astaxanthin, which is an added nutritional benefit.

krill oil for petsIt does not contain mercury and therefore there is no added risk of heavy metal poisoning.

krill oil for petsIn addition, Krill Oil contains highly bioavailable EPA and DHA which can aid in cognitive function, and help fight inflammation

krill oil for petsKrill Oil is FOUR times more potent than Fish Oil and therefore has four times the benefit!

krill oil for petsBecause of the Astaxanthin in krill oil; this puts it to the top of the list of all omega-3 fatty acids sources.


Krill oil is a unique source of omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and astaxanthin.

One thing that differentiates krill oil from other sources of omega-3 is that, in krill oil, the fatty acids EPA and DHA are bound to phospholipids instead of triglycerides. .

This phospholipid form is structurally the same as our cell membranes. Moreover, these phospholipid forms are handled differently in the digestive tract. Phospholipids spontaneously form micelles, which can be transported easily in the aqueous environment. Phospholipids can be absorbed intact or in their lysophosphatidylcholine form.

Triglycerides, on the other hand, are insoluble in an aqueous environment and require bile salts for their emulsification. While triglyceride forms of EPA and DHA remain valuable elements of supplemental nutrition, phospholipid-based forms provide unique benefits that, when coupled with added choline and astaxanthin, render krill oil a novel nutrient complex with significant clinical benefit.


What Is Astaxanthin?

Krill oil contains high levels of one of the most powerful natural antioxidants called Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid molecule from the same family as beta-carotene, lycopene, and zeaxanthin, though astaxanthin appears to be more active in quenching superoxide, hydroxyl, and other radical species

Recent studies suggest that astaxanthin has anti-inflammatory action, inhibiting cytokine cascades in a number of trials of cardiovascular health, respiratory health, joint health, athletic performance, and others.

The only fish that has this is salmon and krill .

Astaxanthins is what gives salmon its red color. Krill get their astaxanthin from small phytoplankton, their primary source of food

While krill contain natural levels of astaxanthin, Tri-KRILL™ for pets provide additional astaxanthin to their omega-3 krill phospholipid product.

Tri-KRILLfor Pets 3x formula with AstaREAL for maximum Krill Oil benefits

krill oil for petsHelps Pets with Endurance

krill oil for petsIncreases Flexibility and Mobility

krill oil for petsSkin Health and Shiny Coat

krill oil for petsBetter than just plain fish oil!


Easy to use Liqui-Krill™ capsules , no fishy breath

The most astaxanthin per serving than any other krill oil product on the market.

Compare Krill Oil Products

With Tri-KRILL™ it is like getting 2 products in 1 .

To buy a good astaxanthin product with 12mg of Astaxanthin per serving a 6o count bottle would cost you up to $39.99 or more.

Even an ordinary 60 count krill supplement with 500 mg per capsule will cost you $35.99 .

For $44.99 your customers are getting both products in one and that's a great savings!

Tri-KRILL has an extract of Krill sourced directly from the Antarctic; which combines the power of Krill Phospholipids with 6mg of astaxanthin per easy-to-take Liqui-Krill™ capsules.

Krill oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is the main reason it's a popular nutritional supplement.

So before buying any fish oil consider krill oil for more benefits.

Krill Swarm 

Side Effects; Pets with allergies to seafood shouldn't use krill oil.

Any information provided is not veterinary advice and should not be substituted for a regular consultation with a veterinary professional. If you have any concerns about your pet's health, contact your veterinarian's office.

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