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If you have a testimonial about how Total-Zymes ® or Total-Biotics ®has improved the health of your pet, we would love to post it here for all to read. A picture of your pet would also be great! Please submit any testimonials to contact us. We will then email you back an address to send a photo.

Lynette Hirsch - Hirsch Bouviers
Total-Zymes ® has worked wonders on the allergies of two Bouviers. One that I own, and another one that I groom. "Handler" has not had to have any allergy meds since starting Total-Zymes ® last April. He used to chew knots in his coat daily because of his itching. The allergy testing I had done at the vets showed him to be allergic to several foods and grasses and pollens. Changing foods and putting him on allergy medication, twice a day lessoned his symptoms some...After one year I took him off all allergy meds at the same time I started him on Total-Zymes ®. It took about 3-4 weeks for all of his symptoms to vanish! He has gone through spring, summer, and fall, which were his worst times, with no itching or chewing himself. He will never be taken off this product! I have put all my dogs on Total-Zymes ®.

"Rerun" has been my grooming client since the age of 10 weeks. He started having allergies at the age of six years. He would get huge hot spots that the vet would shave and then send him home with oral antibiotics and topical medications. He had to come to me weekly for special medicated baths prescribed by the vet. We tried many different expensive shampoos and rinses. Sometimes he needed steroid shots. He went through skin allergy testing from one vet and blood test allergy testing from another vet.. He took three rounds of allergy antigen shots with no success. Rerun was started on Total-Zymes ® in August, is no longer on allergy meds, and has no hot spots for the first time in two years. Unfortunately for me (the groomer) he no longer needs weekly special medicated baths. However, I'm thrilled that he is now comfortable. It took Rerun only one week on Total-Zymes ® for all his symptoms to disappear. To say the least, Reruns owner is thrilled with Total-Zymes ®!

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