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If you have a testimonial about how Total-Zymes ® or Total-Biotics ®has improved the health of your pet, we would love to post it here for all to read. A picture of your pet would also be great! Please submit any testimonials to contact us. We will then email you back an address to send a photo.

S.C. of Anaheim Ca
My newest addition is a beautiful French Bulldog whom I have had on Total-Zymes ® since the beginning. Normally French Bulldogs don't reach champion show condition until they reach about 24 months of age. However, this little girl has been showing in the twelve to eighteen month categories and has already received two majors and thirteen points at the tender age of 14 months. She then achieved champion status at 16 months. Total-Zymes ® has helped this young dog to really excel in muscle development, and develop a fantastic coat. No show dog should be without Total-Zymes ®
french Bulldog

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