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If you have a testimonial about how Total-Zymes ® or Total-Biotics ®has improved the health of your pet, we would love to post it here for all to read. A picture of your pet would also be great! Please submit any testimonials to contact us. We will then email you back an address to send a photo.

Sally Keenan w/ Dream Weaver Great Danes

I have an 8 month old Great Dane boy who has had loose, ploppy stools for 8 months – generally 6-8 a day, despite trying several different foods. He eats the same foods as my older girls and they have no problems. In desperation I decided to try some digestive enzymes. Well I ordered your product, he loves it and looks forward to getting it before each meal. ( I just dump it in his mouth. LOL) Now he has 2 nice firm stools a day so your stuff helped tremendously. Thanks!!!!!!

Sally Keenan
Dream Weaver Great Danes

In the two months of using this product, Wrecker has gained over 15pounds. He now looks like a show dog instead of a rescue dane.


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