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If you have a testimonial about how Total-Zymes ® or Total-Biotics ®has improved the health of your pet, we would love to post it here for all to read. A picture of your pet would also be great! Please submit any testimonials to contact us. We will then email you back an address to send a photo.

Wendy Jerosky's Sick Cats
I have 3 kittens... about 1 year ago I started all of them on the Total-Zymes® Total-biotics® combo. One of the kittens, Indy got very ill as a kitten spiking 105 fevers not eating and pretty listless. My sister was using the Total-Zymes® Total-biotics® combo on her 2 cats and thought with Indy being so sick we should start her on it. Well almost 1 year later Indy eats like a horse and has never been sick since!!! Here is a picture of Terra, Indy and Beanie all happy and healthy and get their Total-Zymes® Total-biotics® combo every day!!

Wendy Jerosky

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