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If you have a testimonial about how Total-Zymes ® or Total-Biotics ®has improved the health of your pet, we would love to post it here for all to read. A picture of your pet would also be great! Please submit any testimonials to contact us. We will then email you back an address to send a photo.

Robert Agbay from Massachusetts

I’m writing this letter to explain to you about my German shepherd Zeus who is 14 months old, and to also let you know that as of April 1st. 2008 I purchased your product called Total-Biotics™. The reason is my dog Zeus has been diagnosed with allergies to certain ingredients in dog food, such as chicken, duck, potatoes, corn, and peas. Also allergies to grass, certain types of trees, as well as pollen and dust. Zeus was experiencing rashy red blotches on his belly and groin. Also scratching his ears causing redness and irritation along with scratches. He looked like he was really suffering. Please keep in mind that I had already invested serious amounts of cash in trying to remedy his condition. The only thing that I discovered was that the meds that he was receiving might have treated one problem, only to find that it was creating another internally. When I started your product Total-Biotics™ I noticed my dog went through some changes, which at first appeared to get worse. I am glad to say that I have been using probiotics for sixteen days and my dog’s rash has vanished. His ears are clear and normal in color. Skin color on his belly and abdomen as well. How I know that this product works is because I kept a strict diary on his progress and his changes from the start. I also started to use your product called Total-Zymes®. I have been using this product for only 3 days. I cannot believe how much he has improved in these areas. Please note that the vet wanted me to purchase a six month supply of shots to treat my dog. This would have cost me $245.00 every six months. Once again I would like to thank you for this wonderful product that you have invented. Also I do have some pictures before and after if you would like to have someone from your company contact me so I can share this positive information with others who may doubt this product.

Robert Agbay

german shepherd

Zeus Before:
german shepherd

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