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Traveling tips for on the road with a pet

Use Total-Biotics and Oxy-pH boost on the road! .

Helpful Hints:

We found a few tips from the site on how to travel with your pet. Here are a few we felt was helpful;

pet enzymes Don't forget to microchip your pets before leaving home, and attach an ID tag with your cell phone number to their collar.

pet enzymesIdentify emergency animal clinics close to locations you plan to visit during your trip. This is an especially important precaution if your pet is enjoying his golden years.

pet enzymesPack a spill-proof water bowl, your pets' regular food, any medications make sure you pack their Total-Biotics and Oxy-Ph Boost to keep up their immune from the stress of traveling.

pet enzymesJust like kids do not forget their favorite toys for playing fetch or tug.

pet enzymesIt's also a good idea to bring along something you can use to safely secure your pet for brief periods, such as a crate or an exercise pen.

pet enzymesLook ahead and try to map out maybe local dog parks to take your dog too while on the road.

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Some traveling tips for on the road with a pet

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pet enzymesMake sure the hotel, bed-and-breakfast or campsite where you plan to stay allows pets.

pet enzymesKeep your pets safe and secure in a well-ventilated crate or carrier.

pet enzymesIt might be a good idea to get your pet used to the carrier in the comfort of your home before your trip.

pet enzymesNever leave your animal alone in a parked vehicle. On a hot day, even with the windows open, a parked automobile can become a furnace in no time, and heatstroke can develop. In cold weather, a car can act as a refrigerator, holding in the cold and causing the animal to freeze.

pet enzymesGet your pet geared up for a long trip by taking him on a series of short drives first, gradually lengthening time spent in the car. And please be sure to always secure the crate so it won't slide or shift in the event of a quick stop.

pet enzymesYour pet's travel-feeding schedule should start with a light meal three to four hours prior to departure. Don't feed your furry friend in a moving vehicle-even if it is a long drive.

pet enzymesDon't allow your pet to ride with his head outside the window. He could be injured by flying objects. And please keep him in the back seat in his crate or with a harness attached to a seat buckle.

pet enzymesWhen it comes to H2O, we say BYO. Opt for bottled water or tap water stored in plastic jugs. Drinking water from an area he's not used to could result in tummy upset for your pet

Oxy-pH Boost™ to the water dish:

pet enzymesWhen adding Oxy-pH Boost™ to the water dish when you have to use unfiltered water

pet enzymesAdd 3-6 drops of the Oxy-pH Boost™ Concentrate to a pet's water dish each time it is emptied and refilled, especially when traveling out of state or country. Oxy-pH Boost™ for pets can help keep the water pure, and may help freshen breath or promote gum health, for you and your pet. Do this for three weeks and then stop use for one week then repeat

Topical use for pets:

pet enzymesTo use Oxy-pH Boost™ topically: mix one teaspoon with 1/2 cup of water. Then dip in a cotton ball or small gauze and use on the area that needs to be treated. You may also use this solution in a small spray bottle, and then blot off excess.

pet enzymesFor pets this can be used on the ears or their bellies. Or wherever there might be a bug bite or irritation on the skin. Do not use full strength, always dilute in water. Continue three times a day until condition clears up.

probiotics for dogs

If their system gets stressed they can get candida and yeast overgrowth.

pet enzymesAs a Natural Candida Remedy: Oxy-pH Boost™ For Pets can be combined with Total-Biotics®

pet enzymesWhen dealing with Yeast in pets you must use Total-Biotics® and Oxy-pH Boost™ together as a combined treatment. The Oxy-pH Boost™ is a temporary treatment and is on an as needed basis, whereas the Total-Biotics® should be a lifelong approach to balancing a healthy pet.

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