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Ascorbic Acid : Natural or Chemical

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Ever wonder where that ascorbic acid the other vitamin companies use in their so called "natural formulas" comes from? Well here is the recipe. They start with corn syrup, the thick clear syrup that is nothing more than refined pure corn sugar. Then they follow these chemical steps.

probiotics for dogsSteps 1 thru 9 (Starch Hydrolysis): Corn starch is broken down into simple sugar (D-Glucose) by the action of heat and enzymes.
probiotics for dogsStep 10 (Hydrogenation): D-Glucose is converted into D-Sorbitol.
probiotics for dogsStep 11 (Fermentation): D-Sorbitol is converted into L-Sorbose.
probiotics for dogsStep 12 (Acetonation): Yes that's right, they use acetone! L-Sorbose is combined with an acid at low temperatures.
probiotics for dogsStep 13 (Oxidation): The product is then oxidized with a catalyst, acidified, washed and dried forming L-Gluconic Acid.
probiotics for dogsStep 14 (Hydrolysis): L-Gluconic Acid is treated with hydrochloric acid forming crude ascorbic acid.
probiotics for dogsStep 15 (Recrystallization): The crude ascorbic acid is filtered, purified and milled into a fine crystalline powder.

Important Point read this:

After you make this so called natural Vitamin C you now can now clean the stains of your pool.

 Yes!  You can buy a bucket of Ascorbic Acid to help clean the rust off your pool.

Image what it would do to your pet’s stomach.

Some brands of Ascorbic Acid have a so called buffer in them. 

Buffer or not it is still a chemical man made synthetic vitamin.

We would not recommend any pet or human supplement with Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Ascorbate or  Ester C.

This finished product is NOT VITAMIN C, but legally can be called so, which is very misleading to consumers.

It is missing 80% of what makes up food grade vitamin C.

Unlike synthetics, whole food vitamin C sources—like acerola cherry, green pepper, oranges, and broccoli—contain all the factors the body needs to derive the benefits from this vitamin.

When they call it natural and brag about adding in a small amount of bioflavonoides or rutin. It should have been there in the first place, not just added to synthetic ascorbic acid! Or when those brand X companies give the source as Ascorbic Acid with rose hips. The percentage of rose hips is generally 1-2% and that cannot undo the potential harm caused by the chemical ascorbic acid!

We see a lot of this type of so called natural easy on the stomach vitamin C.

"One such supplement (Ester-C®) contains mainly calcium ascorbate, but also contains small amounts of the vitamin C metabolites dehydroascorbate (oxidized ascorbic acid), calcium threonate, and trace levels of xylonate and lyxonate. Although the metabolites are supposed to increase the bioavailability of vitamin C, the only published study in humans found no difference between Ester-C® and commercially available ascorbic acid tablets"
—Oregon State University

When your pet consume synthetic ascorbic acid the body tries to use it, but it needs the other missing factors. J factor, K factor, Rutin and Bioflavonoides. What ends up happening is your pet is striped of these nutrients from their organs and tissues, which can cause health problems.

So READ the label look for only natural ingredients. Stay away from chemical produced vitamins for your pet.

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