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New Look same great company! We changed our look to reflect what we really are about, “Natural Products”. Now we are known as NWC Naturals® Pet Products LLC.

We are dedicated to supporting a good quality of life for all pets. By supplying the highest quality pet enzymes and pet probiotic supplements of a healthy life of your dogs, cats, and horses.

Why NWC Naturals ® Pet Products?

NWC Naturals® Pet Products Stands for: Natural Ingredients, Wisdom behind each formula, Commitment to quality.

We have been serving our customers since 2003 providing them with our exclusive line of top quality pet products.

Family owned and operated. NWC Naturals® Pet Products has always been the front runners in the industry.

We only use the best ingredients all are AAFCO approved ingredients for safe use by dogs and cats. AAFCO: The People Behind Animal Feed and Pet Food safety. Also, we have the NASC Quality Seal. The National Animal Supplement Council is a nonprofit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals in the U.S.

Now you know you are getting the best quality products for your pets.
Not too many companies have the seal of quality, look for it and have peace of mind.

NWC Naturals® Pet Products are sold to, pet stores, vets, animal clinics and exported around the world.

Our products are made in a facility that is in full compliance with GMP Requirements for Dietary Supplements.

NWC Naturals® Pet Products are also third party tested in the lab which insures that all the quality ingredients are tested and retested for purity and quality.

Made and bottled in a USA facility.

The best pet supplements, probiotics and enzymes for healthy pets.

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