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We wanted to take a moment to say Thanks to John at NWC Naturals Review by Jerry & Ermina

About 4 years ago our 14 year old German Shepard could hardly walk due to old age. Our Beagle was about 9 years old and she was really slowing down too. We also have a dachshund of about 5 years.
We asked John if he had anything at his store (www.nwcnaturals.com) that might help our German Shepard feel better. John suggested 2 products:
John recommended his Krill oil, Probiotic and Enzyme powders.
After about 2 months our German Shepard was going on walks again and our Beagle was behaving like a puppy. We were preparing to say bye to our Shepard before this. She lived happily for almost 2 more years. We now have a new dog our Beagle and our Daschound. We walk our dogs 2 or 3 miles daily and the Beagle who is almost 12 years old is charging like a puppy and the dogs are so healthy.
We know John’s products are helping our pups because we stopped using the product for a few months and then restarted. We really noticed the difference.
Highly recommend!


It worked… Review by Tigressbythetail

I have an cat with constant diarrhea and I’ve tried everything. Within a few days of giving this to him he had the first firm stools I’ve seen in months. I was ecstatic.




A miracle Review by Sherree Burdi

My dog Bear broke his leg severely when he was 10 months old. After two surgeries Bear was left with a leg that was 15 degrees off. As a result Bear limped everyday. I felt so bad – for two and a half years – after the surgery. I thought I shouldn’t have done the surgery if Bear was going to be in pain every day. Then I read in a dog book for his breed that his breed should take enzymes. I started researching enzymes. I didn’t believe all the “hooey” I was reading. Enzymes help in digestion, enzymes help in supporting good health etc. They sounded too good to be true. I finally caved and bought a bottle of Total Zymes. One month out – Bear still limped, Two months out – Bear still limped. It’s hooey I thought. Three months out – BEAR NO LONGER LIMPS!!!!! I am amazed at this product. Every dog that limps should be taking this product. Believe me! I didn’t believe but now I do. Bear trots now. I haven’t seen him do that since he was a puppy. Ten Star Product!


Great gas reducer! Review by J. Hughes

I didn’t realize how well this product was working until I stopped using it. I’ve been using this for years. I recently realized that the high end dog food I use contains probiotics to aid in digestion. I thought that the additive in the food would be sufficient and decided to try to save some money by not reordering the Total-Zymes when I ran out. Almost immediately my two boxers (a notoriously gassy breed in the dog world) began stinking up the house! I didn’t even last a week before reordering this product.




This is a miracle in a jar! Review by Ms Kitty

I have a cat who is prone to UTIs. I have another one who has food allergies. I read info about this product before I ordered it and I am so glad that I did! My cats are so much different. They are even softer. I recommended this to a friend and I am sure she will love it too! I will be ordering this again in the future so I will never be without. Thank you 🙂





Love this over all the others, cost effective Review by best dog ever.

I have tried all Probiotics for our German Shepherds…all have stomach issues to some extent or another. I’ve tried them ALL…seriously. The one I liked the most, but too expensive, was the Iams prostora…I was getting it at COST from my vet, and still, too $$$$$$$. I then tried Purina FortiFlora…did not care for it at all. When I bought the Total Biotics Enzyme powder, I saw it came with the Total Biotics, so I figured “why not,” and gave it a try. I have to say this product has eliminated gas in my 3 y/o german shepherd, and has helped his bowels. You don’t need TOO much…what is suggested in just about right, but don’t give too much. I had a MUCH better outcome with the product OVER Primal Defense (which has oat and barley grasses…not good for our dogs), and I was thoroughly surprised that it was better than the prostora. Great product, I will not use anything else, EVER. My female also responds well to it also, and she has issues with her bowels. Very pleased.

Some on our people products

Awesome! Review by Dan

This was recommended by my nutritionist and I found that my over all well being drastically improved. I’ve been taking this for months and it works great!

I’m thrilled with the results! Review by Kelly Brown

I have had digestive issues, from lactose intolerance to a life time of irregularity. I purchased these, both for myself and the chewable version for my son. I’m thrilled with the results. I’ve never been so regular- never known what a “good” digestive system felt like. My son’s appetite has actually improved- and he now rarely complains of stomach aches. Thanks for such great products!

Constipation is a thing of the past! Review by Flora Lee

My nutritionist recommend I use Ultra-Enzyme Support after suffering from constipation and bloating most of my adult life. Within the first two weeks, I began to experience less bloating on my stomach. After a month there was a noticeable difference with how much better I was digesting meals. I’ve now been using the Ultra-Enzyme Support enzymes for over 7 months, and am happy to report that constipation is a thing of the past.

Exceptional, this enzyme support worked so very well. No stomach problems since the very first day. Reordering again!! Review by Kathy Boughman

Exceptional, this enzyme support worked so very well. No stomach problems since the very first day. Reordering again!!

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