Enzyme supplement for pets with prebiotics and 16 digestive enzymes

Large Jar is 228 grams and will serve  (approximately) 365 cups of pet food!

Small Jar is 63 grams and will serve (approximately) 100 cups of pet food!

We are proud to offer the best digestive enzymes for pets Total-Zymes®. With an Incredible 16 different plant based digestive enzymes.  This great formula includes Prebiotics and systemic enzymes for more complete digestion.  A plus for every dog and cat on today’s modern diet with all the new kinds of foods and treats. Animals are meant to eat a 100% raw diet… but is that practical?

Total-Zymes® is the answer for keeping your pet healthy while eating the modern pet diet.


At a Glance

Pet enzymes Smaller and firmer stools
Pet Digestive Aid Healthy digestive system
Pet Digestive Aid Healthy immune system
Pet Digestive Aid Better Delivery of Nutrients
Pet Digestive Aid With more Pre-biotics to encourage gut health

Our label has changed it has a new look, same great product, but the labeling is now complying with AAFCO and NASC labeling guidelines. They show the new way AAFCA and NASC wants us to label our ingredients on our pet products. The formulas use all approved ingredients for dogs and cats. Look for the seal of quality

Product Label

NASC Quality Seal

We only use the best ingredients all are AAFCO approved ingredients for safe use by dogs and cats.

AAFCO: The People Behind Animal Feed and Pet Food safety.

Also, we have the NASC Quality Seal.

The National Animal Supplement Council is a nonprofit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals in the U.S. Now you know you are getting the best quality products for your pets.

Not too many companies have the seal of quality, look for it and have peace of mind.

More Information

A high performance broad-spectrum digestive enzyme formula. Total-Zymes® is the most complete pet digestive enzyme product in the world, now utilizing 16 high performance Vegetarian enzymes and L.E.A.D.S.® Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®. L.E.A.D.S.® insures complete digestion and assimilation of all your pets food at a cellular level.

Digestive enzymes are very specific. They will only digest the exact food type for which they are named. As an example lipase will digest only lipids or fats as they are commonly called. Lipase will not do anything to digest protein or carbohydrates.

For complete digestion you must include all the different enzymes in a product to digest each type of food ingredient. A digestive product that contains only four, five or six enzymes will do a poor job digesting the complex ingredients of today’s high quality pet food.

That is why we at NWC Naturals Pet products formulated Total-Zymes® with a special blend of  SIXTEEN powerful Vegetarian enzymes to completely digest and deliver all the nutrients of today’s modern pet diet.

With just one scoop of Total-Zymes ® per cup of any pet food we have also added 120,000 FCCPU of bromelain from pineapple as a systemic Enzyme. This will help support pets with seasonal sensitivities and the occasional muscle discomfort from exercise in dogs and cats.

NEW! Prebiotics; Pre-biotics to help with implantation and growth of the good guy bacteria in the gut. 

Pre-biotics- Inulin IQ FOS (Fructooligosaccharides)- one of the best-known pre-biotics, FOS is known to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. It has been shown to stimulate growth of bifidobacteria in the colon where many issues first take root. Healthy colon function is vital to a properly functioning immune system.

Using Total-Zymes® on your pet’s food is as close to the benefits of an all raw food diet as you can get.

Total-Zymes ® The Most Complete Digestive Enzyme Formula Supports:

  1. Good Digestion
  2. A Strong Immune System
  3. Healthy Skin
  4. Smaller Stools
  5. Shiny Healthy Coat
  6. Healthy Energy Levels
  7. Normal Bowel Movements
  8. Normal Gas
  9. Delivery of Nutrients

But why does my pet need so many enzymes?

We have looked into many dog, cat foods and treats. Did you know that your pet could be getting added sugars and dairy products? We have noticed this trend when we went to the largest pet expo in the US. So we have added additional enzymes to our already superior formula to handle this trend.

We always advise that you do not give your pets sugar but there is a lot of hidden sugars  and dairy you sometimes do not know about in that cute little doggie and kitty cake or cookie.

It is very hard for our pets to digest cooked and processed food as is, so this is why we have now 16 enzymes so you’re pet can handle any type of treat or food.

Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System ® (L.E.A.D.S. ®) ensures assimilation at a cellular level. This particular combination of mineral cofactors helps to activate each individual enzyme for maximum particle digestion and complete nutrient distribution throughout the body. It increases the formula’s bioavailability.

Can every pet benefit from supplementation with enzymes?

Even healthy pets may improve their absorption and utilization of nutrients through the use of digestive enzymes. By using a supplemental enzyme on your pet’s food you free up their body’s digestive system to also make systemic enzymes, which prevent allergies. When enzymes are missing from our pets food, the full burden of digestion falls on the pets own digestive system.

Pet enzymes By using Total-Zymes® on your pet’s food you free up their body’s digestive system.

Pet enzymes When enzymes are missing from our pets food, the full burden of digestion falls on the pets own digestive system. Many premium pet food companies put a lot of thought and good ingredients in their food, but by not digesting it the pet does not get full benefit of the food you just spend a lot of money on.

Pet enzymes This can overwork the pancreas, stress their immune system, and weaken their overall health.

Pet enzymes Vegetarian enzymes can boost the immune system, improve digestion, promote proper elimination, smaller stools, help remove toxins from the body, and help support joint difficulties, help with organic allergens, skin problems and poor coat.

Always check the labels: some enzyme products put  beet root fiber in their formula as a filler. But yet they say they use no fillers read the label. This is an controversial ingredient that is made from sugar beets and put into dog products as a fiber filler. Avoid supplements with Beet root fiber.

Total-Zymes® use beet root juice not fiber. The beet root juice in the product is not from sugar beets and supports the liver and the digestion process. We would never use Beet Root Fiber!

 Click Here to download a 4 page informative FAQ about Enzymes 

probiotics for dogs

Our powders do not contain any, chemicals, gluten, dairy, eggs, preservatives, corn, artificial coloring or flavoring. All Natural Ingredients are guaranteed Non-GMO. Our facility that manufactures our formula is inspected and  certified and in full compliance with GMP Requirements for Dietary Supplements.  We also utilize a third party testing lab that insures that all our quality ingredients are tested and retested for purity and quality. All NWC Naturals® Pet  Products are Made and bottled in a USA facility.


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