Super Zoo 2013 highlights


Super Zoo is one of the nation’s largest pet trade shows, attracting some 12,000 pet retailers to Las Vegas, Nevada each year.  There is much to see at Super Zoo, with around 900 companies exhibiting products including pet food, treats, household cleaners, and pet accessories to name a few.

We were so glad to be a part of this year’s Super Zoo exhibitors! With just under 2 weeks to prep we had a lot to do in a small amount of time, but we pulled through, and had a great show!

nwc naturals super zoo

NWC Naturals® at Super Zoo

The NWC Naturals® Pet Products booth was located in space 1331, a great location that is open on 3 sides. (We’ll be in the same spot for Super Zoo 2014 as well! Click here for dates and more info.)

nwc naturals super zoo

The NWC Naturals® Pet Products Booth at Super Zoo 2013

nwc naturals super zoo

Side view of the NWC Naturals® Pet Products Booth

nwc naturals super zoo

Our own Marguerite with a customer in the NWC Naturals® Pet Products Booth

nwc naturals

John and Marguerite

The NWC Naturals® Pet Products Team

We were very happy to have John and Marguerite Taylor with us at Super Zoo this year. Both John and Marguerite are Naturopaths, and such a blast! John is the CEO of NWC Naturals® Inc., and is the formulator of our entire line of products. He also wrote the book, The Wonder of Probiotics – a must read if you want to get into the technical science behind probiotics and health. For those of you that got to come and meet John, you know he is full of knowledge and is passionate about sharing it!

Our whole team was at Super Zoo, networking and meeting with new and old customers. We saw many familiar faces, and met a lot of great new people!

We were able to give out quite a few of our Total-Zymes® Stick Pack Jars to interested retailers, as well as single stick samples of our Total-Zymes® digestive enzymes formula. If you got some samples and would like to request more info, contact us here.

Meet and Greet

Half the fun of Super Zoo is networking with all of the amazing people, and meeting all of the must-see vendors! Below are just a few of our favorites:

total zymes

Total-Zymes® Stick Pack Jars come with 50 sticks, each containing four 1 cup servings of Total-Zymes®. Click for more info.

I also got a chance to meet Kim from Pet Head. She was very sweet and was giving out great silver tote bags! If you get a chance to stop by their booth next year it is a must see! They have a great line of pet hair care products and even make a natural oatmeal shampoo for pets. All of their formulas are sulfate and paraben free. is a great company. They make – you guessed it – doggy poop bags that are naturally biodegradable, and will decompose within 60-90 days of use. This means less plastic in landfills, and a smaller carbon paw print for our Earth. We got some samples from them, (they smell great by the way) and we love their philosophy! (I got a super cute photo of their booth but it refuses to upload! Oh well… check out their website here instead.)

Just across from our booth was the home of Scaredy Cut, atop pink fuzzy carpet. Scaredy Cut brings you an at home DIY pet grooming system at an affordable price.  We had the opportunity to meet Matthew and his team, who were a pleasure to be across from for three days! Check out his silent clipper here.

Super Zoo Animals

Super Zoo brings you not only the best pet products but also the most outrageously dressed and groomed pets! If you haven’t already seen these photos on the official NWC Naturals® Pet Products Twitter, prepare to be amazed!

nwc naturals

They should have named him bolt…

nwc naturals

This dog LOVED being groomed.

nwc naturals

Yes…this IS a dog!

nwc naturals

Can you spot the face?

nwc naturals

Cutest cheetah ever.

nwc naturals

Meet Harley.

I wish I could have posted all of our Super Zoo photos, but there just isn’t space! Keep checking the NWC Naturals® Pet Facebook page for more Super Zoo 2013 photos in the near future.

We’d like to send a huge thank you to all of the wonderful people who stopped by our booth and made Super Zoo a huge success! We’re already prepping for next year and hope to see you all there again!

We’ve already reserved our booth for Super Zoo 2014, which will be July 22-24, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay convention center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hope to see you there! Click here to learn about how you can attend Super Zoo 2014!


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