5 things every pet with allergies needs

allergy support for pets

If your pet has allergies and you are interested in natural solutions for your pet’s health- look no further! Below we share our top 5 ways to naturally treat a pet with allergies.

1.Try to prevent exposure to chemicals that can cause sensitivities

Just like humans, pets can be allergic to certain soaps, detergents, or sprays. Wherever you can, try to use natural alternative products to lower the change for allergic reactions.

2. Supplement with digestive enzymes to aid digestion while sparing systemic enzymes

Enzymes help pets with food allergies get the most nutrition out of their meals.

3. Add systemic enzymes in between meals

Systemic enzymes break up proteins that can cause seasonal type allergies. Lerarn more about systemic enzymes here.

4. Feed a low allergen grain free food

A high quality food will produce high quality results!

5. Supplement with probiotics to strengthen the immune system

Many people mistake yeast and candida infections in their pets to allergies. Control yeast and build a healthy immune system within your pet with daily probiotic supplementation.



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