Is rooibos tea safe for dogs?

rooibos tea for dogs

Rooibos tea is safe for dogs and provides outstanding health benefits! Rooibos tea contains antioxidant properties to support your dog’s overall health. It contains Vitamin C and two flavonoids called quercetin and luteolin which help support the immune system. Rooibos tea also supports the liver. When used topically, Rooibos tea is great for dry skin and supports hot spots and itching.

We recommend NWC Naturals® Rooibos Tea which is certified organic and kosher.

Add rooibos tea to your dog’s meals or water bowl

Brew the tea as directed, allow to cool, and store in the refrigerator. Mix it into your dog’s food or add it to their water bowl. Bonus: Use organic rooibos tea to make your dog a healthy treat! See our rooibos tea dog treat recipe.

How to use rooibos tea for hot spots and itching

Add brewed rooibos tea to your pet’s bath. Or combine with aloe vera and use as a rinse to soothe the skin.

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