January is the perfect time to start a detox

Since January is the start of a new year, it is the perfect time to analyze your health goals and implement new healthy habits into your everyday life. Since the liver and kidneys are our main detoxification vehicles, why not support their health, improve their strength, and supply them with the nutrients they need to carry out their work? January is the perfect time to start a detox!

Transfer-Tox™ – liver, kidney, heavy metal detox

Transfer-Tox™ combines the latest research and clinical studies on liver support and detoxification into one powerful formula. Each ingredient has been independently researched by the most respected names in their field. Transfer-Tox™ is a formula you can trust because its ingredients are clinically tested and proven.

Why a gentile detox program is the most effective

Our bodies have a natural detox program in place that runs each and every day. The liver and kidneys work tirelessly to remove toxins and flush impurities. This slow and steady process is natural and effective and indicates there is no need to detox rapidly over a period of just a few days. A healthy detox regimen is one that may span a longer period of time while still allowing you to enjoy life and take care of your body in a safe and gentile way.

Detox directions

Directions: Take 1 capsule of Transfer-Tox™ at bedtime for 1-2 weeks. Then take 2 capsules at bedtime until you finish your regimen of 1-3 bottles.

Directions for those who have a high toxicity level: Take 1 capsule of Transfer-Tox™ at bedtime for 1-2 weeks. Take 2 capsules at bedtime for the next 2 weeks. Then take 3 capsules at bedtime until you finish your regimen of 1-3 bottles.

Note: You may choose to stay on Transfer-Tox™ indefinitely to support your liver and kidneys, especially if you drink alcohol, caffeine, or eat fish regularly. Take 1-2 capsules at bedtime.

Will I experience side effects?

Starting with 1 capsule for the first week and then increasing your dose can help ease you in to detoxification and even eliminate the chance of side effects. When toxins leave your body too quickly, you may experience symptoms such as low energy, headache, nausea, body aches, or rash. Those reactions are not doing damage but can be uncomfortable. Detoxing at a slower pace can help reduce the chance of uncomfortable detox symptoms so we encourage you to ease into any detox program slowly.

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