How to treat your pet’s allergies naturally


Allergies are becoming more and more common in dogs and cats. Depending on the symptoms, your pet could be suffering from a food allergy or possibly an environmental allergy. Once you determine the cause you will be better equipped to find a natural solution. (For more information read: Pets With Allergies 101) Of course we always recommend consulting with your holistic veterinarian before making any health decision for your pet.

Keep living areas clean

Vacuum your pet’s living area and wash his/her bedding weekly with free and clear detergents. Avoid using chemical cleaners around the house that can cause skin and respiratory irritations. Check out this list of 10 Green Cleaning Recipes that are safe and non toxic.

Avoid unnecessary vaccinations and medications

Vaccines and medications can be necessary at times, but may weaken your pet’s immune system and aggravate allergies. We recommend visiting a holistic vet who is willing to support your natural approach, and continue supplementing with Total-Biotics® to keep the immune system strong and healthy especially during any period of treatment.

Try a new pet food

It seems like a simple fix, but low quality pet food high in grains and fillers can often times do more harm than good for your pet. Aim for an all natural food with a protein source listed for the first few ingredients. Steer clear of any pet food containing fillers, synthetic proteins, added fats, corn, wheat, grains, or chemical preservatives.

Supplement with enzymes

Systemic enzymes target proteins in the blood stream, break them down, and convert them into useable amino acids which provides your pet with natural relief from allergens. We recommend a product that is all natural and from a vegetarian source. Read the article: What Are Systemic Enzymes?

If your pet has food allergies

We recommend supplementing with a digestive enzyme product that contains proteolytic enzymes, such as Total-Zymes®. In most cases this will be enough to keep your pet’s allergies under control while maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

For environmental allergies or extreme cases

We recommend supplementing with Pet-Enzymes Plus®. The concentrated amount of Peptidase and Protease in this product help to break down protein allergens and protein build up that can cause allergies and inflammation.

If you are not sure

We recommend starting with Total-Zymes®. Not only does Total-Zymes® contain digestive enzymes, but it also contains pain and allergy fighting proteolytic enzymes.

Supplement with Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s are a natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the pain and irritation resulting from allergies. Omega 3’s are also beneficial for skin and coat health. Common sources of Omega 3 fatty acids include fish oils, krill oil, squid oil and flax seed. We recommend Tri-KRILL™ for Pets, a natural krill oil supplement with the super antioxidant Astaxanthin. Krill is 4 times more absorbable than fish oil and contains 24 times more Astaxanthin than salmon oil.

Still unsure? Read this article to help identify whether your pet has allergies: Signs your pet has allergies.


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