Stay healthy with your pet at the end of the year

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Some years we may feel there is no easy way to stay healthy through the winter months. We may feel like we should give up on our wellness goals until January. After all, the end of the year is usually marked by its decadent meals, delicious baked goods, and merry relaxation. But please do not give up on your health and wellness goals! These tips are so simple to follow and incorporating them in our daily lives can make such a big difference in the way we feel and can actually help kickstart a healthy January. So how can you stay healthy with your pet healthy at the end of the year? It is actually quite simple.

Move your body

Exercise improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and produces feel-good chemicals in the brain which can make you feel calm and at peace. Taking a short walk in nature with your pet a few times a week is a great start, even if it is snowing outside. Snow angels, anyone? For more ideas on how to work out with your pets, check out this article.

Support healthy digestion

Instead of pressuring yourself to follow the “perfect” diet at the end of the year, focus on supporting your digestion. Take 2 capsules of Ultra-Enzyme Support® digestive enzymes at each meal to supports gas, bloating, heartburn, and digestive problems. This special formula includes 18 broad spectrum enzymes including enzymes to digest gluten and lactose. Enzymes are essential nutrients for life! Enjoy your meals now, thank us later. Tip: does your pet supplement with Total-Zymes®? Ultra-Enzyme Support® is our human version!

Support the immune system

We recommend supplementing with a high-quality probiotic supplement. Probiotics support the body’s natural immune defenses and a healthy GI tract. Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Packs contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other healthy nutrients to super charge your immune system while supporting good intestinal health. Want to support your pet’s immune system this winter? Try Total-Biotics®, our probiotic supplements specifically for dogs and cats.

stay healthy with your pet

Wash your hands

Wash your hands regularly while you are out caring for essential activities. When soap and water are not available (especially after taking your pet outside to use the restroom. use a hospital-grade hand sanitizer like the NWC Naturals hand sanitizer. It is compact, and perfect to take on the go or to keep in your car.

Manage stress

Research shows that just 15 minutes of fresh air and sunshine can have profound effects on your mental health, and your pet will love going outside, too! When you need some additional support, try Total-Recharge™ to protect the body against the damaging effects of stress This natural supplement helps support mental clarity and a natural calming effect.

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