Support a healthy immune response with MSM

Immune support should be a primary focus during the cold and flu season, but many do not consider the need to keep the immune system balanced all year long, especially during times of stress. Stress plays a significant role in how the immune system responds to daily challenges. OptiMSM® is a sulfur-containing supplement, which has several mechanisms shown to support a healthy immune response.

When the immune system is suppressed, OptiMSM conserves the immune system’s ability to respond to threats. This response may help boost immunity to fight off infections and improve resistance to viruses and toxic substances. OptiMSM’s ability to increase levels of natural antioxidants, prepares the body to fight off the worst of the cold and flu season.

Conversely, when the immune system overreacts and produces too much inflammation, OptiMSM can mitigate the excessive response. This is especially important for the lungs, where excessive inflammation causes symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing, and can lead to secondary complications. Multiple studies have shown that OptiMSM can inhibit lung-specific inflammatory paths and relieve upper and lower respiratory symptoms.

Clinical and pre-clinical studies suggest that OptiMSM® may:

  • Modulate a healthy immune response
  • Help immune system adapt to stress
  • Lessen inflammatory markers
  • Reduce oxidative damage
  • Alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Sustain glutathione levels
  • Blunt exercise-induced immunosuppression

MSM supplements from NWC Naturals®

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