Total-Zymes® Plus™ helps German shepherd, Shay!

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This beautiful letter was sent in to us last week from pet owner, Cara Fusinato. We’re so excited to share it, and know you will be happy to read about how Total-Zymes® Plus™ changed her pup’s life for the better!

Shay is my 2-1/2-year-old German Shepherd mix. Just before his second birthday he started getting the “grumbly tummy”, everything from faint gurgles to out and out squeakers. I switched food to remove grains and choose an alternative meat source, I removed pretty much all dog treats from his diet, still not enough. I tried another brand of pet enzyme and it was not enough. Then I tried the Total-Zymes® Plus™. LOVE IT! No more grumbling, no more squeaking, I just pop one tablet in each meal. Knowing how German Shepherds (and similarly body-shaped dogs) are prone to bloat, this product is an absolute must. I won’t feed without it! Thank you.

THANK YOU for a) the information about your product being stable even through transit and storage and b) again for the product.  I have a friend who just lost a poodle to bloat and my husband’s coworker lost a GSD to bloat.  I want my boy to live a long long long healthy life.  We went from grumbling and squeaking 1-2X a week to once since I started 3 months ago (and that was because he snagged some human food he shouldn’t have).

Please DO use my testimonial.  I have already reviewed the product favorably on Amazon reviews as well.

Cara Fusinato & Shay (picture attached at lovely Hume Lake)

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to Cara for taking the time to submit this beautiful story and photo! This story is proof that natural pet products can make a tremendous difference in your pet’s life, and we know you will be a true inspiration to other natural pet owners. Barks and licks from Paddy to Shay!

Total-Zymes® Plus™

Total-Zymes® Plus™ is a chewable tab that contains both enzymes and probiotics for complete pet digestive support. Click here to review ingredients, view the product label, and learn more about Total-Zymes® Plus™.

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