What are human grade pet products?

Human grade = Quality standards

Average pet product manufacturing facilities have lower cleanliness standards and lower ingredient quality standards. Here at NWC Naturals® Pet Products, we want to provide the best pet supplements with high quality ingredients and human standards.

We manufacture our natural line of pet supplements at the same facilities we use to manufacture our line of human supplements. Since these facilities manufacture goods for human product consumption they must adhere to strict standards of cleanliness and safety. The facilities are GMP and NSF certified and are located here in the USA. In addition, every ingredient we use must be tested and approved as safe enough for human consumption before it is used in any product.

Natural products developed for pets

Our pet supplements are 100% developed and researched for the specific needs of dogs and cats.  Animals have very different systems than humans and require different formulations, which is why we are so careful when selecting ingredients.

When a customer brings NWC Naturals® Pet Products home, they can rest assured these products are safe in an environment that includes adults, children, and other pets. Our products are non-toxic, contain no chemicals, are made in the USA, and will not harm little ones if accidentally consumed. Even more, each of our pet products is federally approved as GRAS.

Would you buy a pet product that says it is NOT human grade? Before you do, think again!

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