What are “human grade” pet products?

human grade pet products

This question arises because some companies claim “human grade” products are bad for pets. But what does “human grade” really mean? And why do we pride ourselves on the fact that our pet products are 100% “human grade”?

Human Grade = Quality Standards

We formulate our all natural pet products and all natural human supplements at the same USA “human grade” facility. The facility is GMP and NSF certified, and tests each ingredient for quality multiple times before using it in a product.

The difference? Average pet product manufacturing facilities have lower cleanliness standards and lower ingredient quality standards. Here at NWC Naturals® Pet Products, we want to provide the best pet supplements- with high quality ingredients, and human standards.

nsf gmp certified

Does NWC® put pet labels on human formulas?

Our pet supplements are 100% developed and researched for the specific needs of dogs and cats*.  Animals have very different systems than humans and require different formulations, which is why we are so careful when selecting ingredients.

*Because our products are so versatile and of the highest quality, they are safe for birds, bunnies, horses and even humans.

A Safe Home For All

When a customer brings NWC Naturals® Pet Products home, they can rest assured these products are safe in an environment that includes adults, children, and other pets. Our products are non-toxic, contain no chemicals, are made in the USA, and will not harm little ones if accidentally consumed. Even more, each of our pet products is federally approved as GRAS. Pets are an extension of the family, and each home should be a safe place for all to enjoy.

Would you buy a pet product that says it is NOT human grade? Before you do, think again! Shop Human Grade Pet Products Now.


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