What is L.E.A.D.S.®?


You may have noticed that all of the NWC Naturals® formulas contain a proprietary system known as L.E.A.D.S.®. But what is L.E.A.D.S.®? And why do we include it in our formulas?

Enzyme & mineral co-factors

The L.E.A.D.S.® blend in our products is a combination of enzymes and/or mineral co-factors that help activate each individual enzyme or nutrient and deliver them at a cellular level. This ensures maximum particle digestion and complete nutrient distribution throughout the body.

What is a mineral co-factor? Co-factors can be likened to helpers, similar to the supporting actor role in a movie. In this case, the main actor is the enzyme, while the supporting actor is the mineral. Together they make for a complete film, or complete digestion and assimilation. All in all, L.E.A.D.S.® increases each formula’s bioavailability.

Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®

L.E.A.D.S.® stands for Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System® and is a proprietary formula developed by Naturopath John R. Taylor, CEO of NWC Naturals® Inc. He comments:

Every formula that includes L.E.A.D.S.® is my own formula whether it is for pets or for people. It is exclusive to me and dramatically improves the delivery of all the nutrients. I choose only the top organic ingredients and then use my enzyme delivery system to improve activity and delivery.

Simply put, L.E.A.D.S.® enables the body to utilize each individual nutrient or key ingredients in a given formula. In this way, our products will not deplete the body of minerals, but will deliver the nutrients quickly and effectively.

You might find it interesting to note that the L.E.A.D.S.® formula is different for each product. For example, to ensure complete assimilation, digestive enzymes require the presence of certain minerals while probiotics may require others.

On the other hand, the L.E.A.D.S.® formula for probiotics was developed specifically to optimize our probiotics’ effectiveness in the digestive tract helping the probiotics implant and colonize along the intestinal wall.

Is L.E.A.D.S.® a mineral supplement?

No. L.E.A.D.S.® does NOT contribute minerals to the diet in any way. Let’s use Total-Zymes® digestive enzymes for pets as an example. We include the mineral magnesium in the Total-Zymes® L.E.A.D.S.® formula. Magnesium is one of the key ingredients we use to activate the enzymes. The magnesium is there to allow the enzymes to do their work. Once the enzymes do their job, the magnesium is completely used up! Total-Zymes® will NOT contribute minerals of any kind to your pet’s diet. Minerals are also key to ensure that our product does not deplete your pet’s natural reserve of these essential minerals.

Products that contain L.E.A.D.S.®

Pet Supplements

Human Supplements


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