10 winter tips for pet lovers

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Get through the cold winter season with these 10 end-of-the-year tips from NWC Naturals® Pet Products:

  1. Berries from many favorite holiday plants such as holly, mistletoe and hemlock are toxic- don’t let your animals eat them.
  2. When feeding table scraps to your animal, avoid cooked bones and pieces of fat and rich gravy.
  3. To stimulate a picky appetite, try sprinkling some ground raw meat over your dog’s food.
  4. Small pieces of raw carrot or apple (with out the seeds) make nutritious training treats for dogs.
  5. When out and about: don’t let your pets drink from puddles. The water could contain road salt or toxins from vehicles. Always give your pet clean water with a few drops of Oxy-pH Boost™.
  6. Shards of ice can cut your pets paws, avoid icy areas or get them a set of boots.
  7. A growing number of hotels are adopting animal friendly policies and offering special packages to pamper your furry companion. So take your pet on vacation!
  8. Fashion Statement: We assume that because dogs have fur, they can’t feel heat or cold.  Do they care if they get rained on or have to walk on cold snow? The truth is dogs that spend most of their time indoors are prone as we are to hot and cold temperatures.  So if you get that cute little coat or sweater for your pet it’s okay- they probably will love you for it. Also use doggy boots to protect their pads from gravel, snow, or ice.
  9. Pet strollers can be a perfect way to give your kitty some fresh air and a change of scenery.   As with dog walking, cat-walking introduces you to a new neighbors and animal-related conversations.  Make sure you also put them in a harness and attach them in the stroller just in case the cover on the stroller does not do the job of keeping them in.
  10. Practice good sanitary habits by washing your hands with soap and warm water after touching and animal ( or even another person).
Paws get cold too! Get your pet a set of booties and avoid icy areas which could be sharp.

Paws get cold too! Get your pet a set of booties and avoid icy areas which could be sharp.


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