Top 10 most pet-friendly cities in America

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If you plan on taking one last family vacation before summer ends, consider visiting one of the top 10 most pet-friendly cities in America: Scottsdale, AZ Phoenix, AZ Tampa, Fl San Diego, ca Orlando, Fl Birmingham, AL Austin, TX Cincinnati, OH Atlanta, GA Las Vegas, NV Traveling with a pet Before you go out of […]

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6 ways pets improve your health

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There are numerous reports about how pets affect your health in a positive way. Here is what some of the experts have to say about the connection between pets and your health: Overall well being “We found that pet owners, on average, were better off than non-owners, especially when they have a higher-quality relationship with […]

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7 reasons why dogs bark

Barking is the way dogs communicate with you and other animals. But what is the dog trying to say? Most dogs bark for one of these 7 reasons: A dog may bark if he: Hears a noise and is curious Is trying to warn that someone is near Becomes bored or lonely Sees another animal […]

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How to choose between a male or female dog

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Here are some things to consider when looking to add a new dog to your family: Male dogs are: Larger More Dominant Less moody Better workers Do not come into season Less expensive to neuter Female dogs are: Smaller Less Dominant Less likely to roam Moodier than males if not spayed Come into season twice […]

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How to pick a healthy puppy

Coat Free from parasites or flees. They should not be scratching or biting the base of their tail. The skin should not be dry, white or flaky. Eyes Bright and clear, not watery. Whites should be white – not watery or yellowish or streaked with red. No tear stains down the face. Depending on their […]

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10 winter tips for pet lovers

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Get through the cold winter season with these 10 end-of-the-year tips from NWC Naturals® Pet Products: Berries from many favorite holiday plants such as holly, mistletoe and hemlock are toxic- don’t let your animals eat them. When feeding table scraps to your animal, avoid cooked bones and pieces of fat and rich gravy. To stimulate a […]

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Could you adopt a pet?

Before taking on a new pet, there are a few things that families should consider together. (Read: How to find the right pet.) One thing that families may choose to consider is adopting a pet from a shelter instead of selecting a newborn from a breeder. Some options to consider: Shelters have lovable animals of […]

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Consider this before adding a pet to your family

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If you are deciding whether to add a new pet to your family here are some things you should consider: How much time do I have for a pet? Will I be home to take care of a pet? How much money do I really have to spend on my new companion? Can I handle […]

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