4 common dog myths- busted!

enzymes for dogs


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Not true. You can teach an adult dog new tricks. First keep the training sessions short and fun use plenty of positive reinforcements including praise and treats.

Dogs are sick when their noses are warm

Again, not true. The temperature of the nose does not indicate the health of the dog. The only real way to tell is to take their temperature with a thermometer.

A dog’s wagging tail means he’s happy

A natural, mid-level wag indicates happiness. But a high, stiff wag means the dog is agitated and ready to protect something and a low quick wag means the dog is scared and submissive.

Dogs can learn only 250 words

The smartest and best trained dogs are similar to a two-year-old child in their ability to learn and recognize words. The Border Collie and Aussie’s are two breeds that can learn many different words.


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