Pet facts for pet lovers

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Today we share a few fun facts about cats and dogs.

What is whisker stress?

When I read this article on this subject I did not know there was such a thing.

Cat’s whiskers are so finely tuned that they can even pick up air movement. Whiskers are rich in blood vessels and nerve endings, so they are very sensitive. They help your cat navigate through their surroundings.   Food and water bowls that are too small can result in a feline whisker stress. It can be painful for your cat to eat out of a small bowl. So, to solve the problem use an appropriately sized and shaped dishes this will eliminate whisker stress.

When you meet a new dog, please no staring!

One thing to remember is do not stare into the dog’s eyes.  My little Paddy has very nice light blue eyes and everyone wants to stare into her beautiful eyes.  But this is a “no-no.” Dogs think it is rude to stare.  Dogs think that staring right at their face means you want to fight with them. So please do not stare, especially at dogs with baby blue eyes.

Have you seen the  T.V.  shows that show trainers and their dogs dancing? 

This is a new fun trainer owner dog activity that is growing.  The World Canine Freestyle Organization (WCFO)  has introduced a new award in honor of the late Darlene Arden author, dog dancing enthusiast, animal behaviorist. To learn more on how you can get involved check out


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