Can a dog or cat have allergies?

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Yes. Dogs and cats can suffer from both food and environmental allergies.

Signs your dog or cat has food allergies

  • gas
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • excessive itching
  • red patchy skin
  • hair loss
  • open sores or scabs

Signs your dog or cat has environmental allergies

  • watery or gooey eyes
  • excessive licking
  • excessive itching
  • chewing skin

Natural remedies for dog and cats with allergies

For all natural tips to remedy your pet’s allergies read our article: How to treat your pet’s allergies naturally. It is also beneficial to give your pet an allergy supplement for fast relief. Our natural allergy formula Pet-Enzymes Plus® is for cats and dogs that need extra allergy support, especially those who suffer from seasonal allergies in the springtime.


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