Can I give himalayan crystal salt to my pet?

salt for pets

Can I give Himalayan Crystal Salt to my pet? According to the answer is yes! They write:

Just as with humans, the natural crystal salt will have its positive effect on the animal body. A few drops in your pet’s food will increase the vitality and strengthen the immune system of your pet or animal.

What are the benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt?

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has been the subject of a comprehensive double-blind, placebo, clinical study, the results of which demonstrated that this salt can have positive impact on a myriad of bodily functions.

Himalayan Crystal Salt supports:

  • Water content in the body
  • Healthy pH levels
  • Bone strength
  • Vascular strength
  • Intestinal absorption
  • Blood sugar support
  • Healthy circulation

We recommend this Himalayan Crystal Salt. Every bag of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has been extracted from the mine by hand, according to a long-standing tradition, without the use of mechanical devices or explosive techniques. After being brought from beneath the mountain, the salt is hand-selected, hand-crushed, and hand-packed. This natural method of mining assures the original vibration pattern, the inherent store energy within the crystals, their essential elements, remain fully intact and vital. In this natural, holistic form, this salt is of supreme bio-energetic quality.


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