How to prevent canine lice naturally

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Lice are mainly spread through direct contact.  People who frequently take their dogs to parks, doggy day care, and hiking trails can get lice.  Dogs most prone to a lice infestations are those living in unclean or overcrowded environments or who are poorly nourished. Preventing Lice For a lice-free and happy dog, follow these simple […]

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Can my pet get lice?

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Lice aren’t just a human problem.  There’s a canine variety. Like fleas, these flat, gray, wingless parasites may be small, but they can make your dog miserable. There are two types of canine lice: (a) Chewing lice– Attach themselves to the base of the dogs hair. They like moist areas like ears, genitals, anus, and skin […]

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