How to prevent canine lice naturally

enzymes for pets

Lice are mainly spread through direct contact.  People who frequently take their dogs to parks, doggy day care, and hiking trails can get lice.  Dogs most prone to a lice infestations are those living in unclean or overcrowded environments or who are poorly nourished.

Preventing Lice

For a lice-free and happy dog, follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean bedding and environment
  2. Regular grooming
  3. Maintaining a strong immune system
  4. Supplement with probiotics for dogs like Total-Biotics® daily
  5. Feed with a high quality food
  6. Supplement with a digestive enzyme for dogs like Total-Zymes® at each meal

Frequently asked question

Question: Can I get lice from my dog?

Answer: No. Your dog’s lice won’t spread to your human family.


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