Do pets need a daily multi-vitamin?

Do pets need a multi-vitamin?

Have you ever wondered why NWC Naturals® does not offer a multi-vitamin supplement for pets? While many other pet supplement brands offer multi-vitamins for pets, we believe there are more effective ways for your pet to achieve optimal health. Today on the blog we answer the question: do pets need a daily multi-vitamin?

Are daily multi-vitamins essential for pets?

Answered simply, not every pet needs to supplement with a multi-vitamin product. If possible, your pet should get their nutrition from a healthy diet. A high quality pet food will contain all the essential nutrients your pet needs to sustain a healthy life.

Where can I find quality pet food?

If you want more information about the best food for your pet, we recommend speaking with your veterinarian. He or she can help you determine how much protein, carbs, and fat your pet needs for optimal health. Additionally, you can get help selecting a high quality food from your local pet food company. We love recommending specialty pet food suppliers that make food from scratch with real ingredients. Try a Pet Wants or Nature’s Select Pet Food location near you! They both offer all-natural pet foods with convenient delivery options to your front door.

What supplements should I give my pet?

Every pet that eats cooked food should be on a digestive enzyme supplement for pets. Adding enzymes to each meal ensures your pets are digesting their food and absorbing as much of the nutrition from the food as possible. Bonus: Digestive enzymes also support a healthy coat, skin, and allergies. To learn more about the benefits of enzymes for pets read the article: Do healthy pets need enzymes?

Do pets need a daily multi-vitamin?

Total-Zymes® digestive enzymes for pets

Total-Zymes® is a digestive enzyme supplement formulated specifically to support cats and dogs. You can purchase Total-Zymes® online here or in-store here. To learn more about what makes Total-Zymes® the best enzyme supplement for pets, read the article: What is Total-Zymes®?

Tip: The next time you place a pet food order with your local supplier, ask for a jar of Total-Zymes®! Available in 2oz or 8oz sizes.


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