Four winter tips for pet lovers

Get through the cold winter season with these 4 winter tips from NWC Naturals® Pet Products:

  1. Berries from many favorite holiday plants such as holly, mistletoe and hemlock are toxic. Don’t let your animals eat them.
  2. When feeding table scraps to your animal, avoid cooked bones and pieces of fat and rich gravy.
  3. When walking on icy streets your pet’s paws can pick up dangerous toxins and chemicals from road salts and vehicles. Protect your pet’s paws by washing his or her paws as soon as you go inside to prevent them from licking their paws and becoming sick.
  4. When out and about don’t let your pets drink from puddles. The water could contain road salt or toxins from vehicles. Always bring clean filtered water for your pet to drink. Add a few drops of Oxy-pH Boost™ to your pet’s water to sanitize and alkalinize the water.


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