Consider this before adding a pet to your family

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If you are deciding whether to add a new pet to your family here are some things you should consider:

  • How much time do I have for a pet?
  • Will I be home to take care of a pet?
  • How much money do I really have to spend on my new companion?
  • Can I handle the expense?
  • Are you a dog person, a cat person? A bird or snake person?
  • Can you care for that pet for the length of their life? (Some pets can outlive their owners!)

Do your homework and learn all about the prospective pet. Make sure the pet will fit in with your lifestyle and energy levels. Educate yourself. Impulse buying and uninformed decision making can cause headache and heartache. That can be avoided. There are too many pets in shelters that have been abandoned because it just wasn’t what the buyer thought it would be.


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