Is raw food better for my pet?

vegetarian enzymes

Q: I read online that animals eat raw food in the wild. Does this mean that I should feed my pet a raw food diet?

A: Raw food diets are wonderful for pets, as raw food starts out full of enzymes. But some enzymes are lost during the chopping, grinding, freezing and storage of the raw food. How then, can you get the best most natural diet for your pet?

Today many raw food companies utilize a process called HPP which stand for “high pressure processing.” This is a system that uses high pressure to kill bacteria. HPP kills salmonella and E.coli, but it also kills probiotics (the good bacteria) and a lot of the enzymes as well. One of the first uses of HPP was for commercial guacamole. Fresh guacamole treated with HPP was still fresh and green six weeks later. That proves it killed off most of the enzymes that started out in the fresh guacamole. The point?

HPP raw foods are high quality and healthy for your pet but enzyme and probiotic supplementation is still necessary for complete digestion.

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