Does my cat need a multi-vitamin?

vitamins for cats

Overdosing with vitamin and mineral supplements has been known to cause severe medical problems in cats. Many pet food companies put a lot of thought into cat foods and all the needed nutrients in a good quality food should be there so is no need to add any extra vitamins or mineral supplements. Just add Total-Zymes® to the food so all the nutrition will be digested and the cat will get all the benefits of the quality food you just bought.

Vitamin A For Cats

Vitamin A is crucial for cats in terms of maintaining eye, skin and general health of cats. Cats require a Vitamin A in a preformed Vitamin A, not beta-carotene in their diets. Cats are incapable of converting beta carotene from vegetables to Vitamin A. Liver contains large amounts of Vitamin A. Try to find good cat foods with liver in them.

Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Two supplements that are always beneficial for cats are probiotics and digestive enzymes. As discussed, digestive enzymes such as Total-Zymes® will help digest the food completely so the cat can benefit from the nutrients in the food. On the other hand, Probiotics will help the cat maintain a healthy mouth, stomach, and intestines, and will help with overall health.


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