What are systemic enzymes?

  Systemic enzymes (particularly those that digest protein, known as “proteolytic enzymes”) have the amazing ability to target proteins in the blood stream, break them down, and convert them into useable amino acids. This process helps reduce inflammation and prevent allergic reactions to organic proteins in the body. Organic proteins may include: dust mite feces, […]

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Featured store: Planet Dog

  Planet Dog in Portland, Maine is now carrying NWC Naturals® Pet Products at their company store!  We love what they stand for, and are excited to share a little about them with our readers! Planet Dog Writes: Our mission is to amuse, explore, support, innovate, create, educate, celebrate and philanthropate… all in the name […]

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What are “human grade” pet products?

human grade pet products

This question arises because some companies claim “human grade” products are bad for pets. But what does “human grade” really mean? And why do we pride ourselves on the fact that our pet products are 100% “human grade”? Human Grade = Quality Standards We formulate our all natural pet products and all natural human supplements […]

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