Total-Zymes® FAQ part 2

enzymes for pets

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3. Why choose  Total-Zymes® over other digestive enzyme products for pets?

The market place is rife with products to aid in issues of every kind. As with most things, you usually do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many products do use ingredients that will help in those issues, yet they do not put an amount of truly sufficient therapeutic levels. This does not mean they wont help, but they may not help enough. Other products may use very good amounts of a couple of items, and compromise elsewhere. At NWC Naturals® Pet Products we decided to use every element necessary for any food your pet may consume. We also made sure we put more than enough to do the task completely. In addition, the body takes minerals from itself when this process of enzyme activity takes place, so we added our L.E.A.D.S® system of minerals so the process would be complete unto itself. We have also used the best primary source ingredients so as not to compromise our product performance. Compare Enzyme Products, we are the only one with 16 plant based enzymes.

4. Is Human Grade better for my pet?

It’s not only the high quality ingredients but the way they are manufactured. All of our pet products are formulated for pets and their specific needs. When formulating our enzymes we looked at at least 100 different pet foods on the market. With our expertise we developed a product that is far superior than the rest. And yes because it is made in a human grade manufacturer you too can taste it with the same confidence you have with our human products.

Only a facility that actually produces human supplements undergoes the inspections and approval necessary to have genuine human grade status and therefore, a pet food or supplements must be made in such a plant in order to be called ‘human grade’. The FDA and USDA are responsible for regulating human foods and supplements determining ‘edible’ status. In order to be allowed to produce human foods, a manufacturing facility undergoes far more frequent and detailed inspections by these and other agencies, compared with the inspection that a pet food plant undergoes.

All of our products are made in a factory that is GMP certified and only human grade raw materials are used. Many pet products do not receive this certification. You can never be sure if your pet is really getting the best. At best, you’re just wasting money on an ineffective product.

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