What all pet supply stores should know about digestion

digestive enzymes for pets

Q: What can retailers do to help educate consumers on dog digestive health?

A: Retailers need to reason with pet owners and teach them that dogs and cats are essentially raw food consumers and in the wild are not going to catch their dinner and then Bar-B-Q it. Commercially produced raw food is fine, but it is not the answer for all pets. For one reason or another raw food may not fit the budget or lifestyle of every pet or family. Retailers need to educate the customers, if raw food for whatever reason is not a good fit then don’t send that pet home without a digestive enzyme product to handle that cooked diet. The second phase of good healthy digestion is a robust probiotic balance in the gut. With today’s world filled with chlorinated water, chemical preservatives, anti-biotics from both dietary and prescriptions sources coupled with a stressful lifestyle, pets are subjected to stomach upset, bowel issues and general poor nutrition. This makes probiotic supplementation a must. With trillions of probiotics inhabiting our pet’s GI tract with likely over a thousand different strains, a multi-strained approach is best. As the author of the book “The Wonder of Probiotics” I am recommending as many different live stable probiotic strains as possible. These should be consumed at every meal to support good digestion and the pet’s immune system. At least one to two billion CFUs per cup of food should be added to the diet.

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