Why does my pet eat grass?

probiotics for pets

When a pet does not absorb enough nutrition from their food they may begin to eat grass, dirt, or even feces. If he is not able to absorb a healthy amount of nutrition from his food he will naturally continue to eat until his system is satisfied. Even if you feed your pet a high-quality grain free diet he still may have some issues digesting his food and absorbing the nutrients. This is normal. Since dogs and cats eat raw food in the wild, it makes sense that a cooked food diet would be slightly more taxing on their digestive tract.

How to stop my dog from eating grass

The most effective way to stop your dog from eating grass is to supplement with a high quality digestive enzyme for pets. Any time you feed your pet a cooked-food diet it is best to supplement with enzymes. Raw food contains all the enzymes necessary for digestion while cooked food does not. This one simple trick will help your pet digest every meal and therefore absorb all of the nutrients from the high-quality food you so lovingly feed him.

How long until I see results?

The amount of time it will take to stop grass-eating will vary from pet to pet. If your pet has been on medications or antibiotics, or if your pet is older and may have intestinal issues, you may also want to supplement with a probiotic for pets. Our probiotic, Total-Biotics®, contains a stabilized form of Glutamine that helps repair the intestinal walls and reduce inflammation. In addition, probiotics will help fight off the bad bacteria in your pet’s GI tract that could be compromising his immune system.

Recommended products

  1. Total-Zymes® (digestive enzyme for pets)
  2. Total-Biotics® (probiotics for pets)

These products come in an 8 oz or 2 oz size jar. Give your pet 1 scoop of each product per every 1 cup of food they eat, with each meal. (Example: If they eat 1/2 cup of food, give a 1/2 scoop of each. If they eat 3 cups of food, give 3 scoops.) Do this each time your pet eats. The powder is superfine and can easily be mixed into wet or dry food. Questions? Give us a call.


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