Why you should add digestive enzymes to your pet’s food

digestive enzymes for pets

With a quality pet food you can give your pet all the nutrients needed if your pet is digesting the food in its entirety. Cooked pet food like kibble, canned, or even home cooked meals contain no enzymes to aid in digestion. A pet’s digestive system is not set up to digest cooked food at all. For example, a dog’s saliva does not contain any amylase to digest starches, whereas a human’s saliva does.

Why digestive enzymes are important for your pet’s health

Digestive enzymes break down food in the stomach. When the food is completely digested, the body is able to absorb nutrients from the food more completely. This makes for a better nourished and healthy pet. Without enzymes we could be forcing our pet to process a lot of unnecessary calories just to get the basic nutrition. This can make the pets pancreas work overtime needlessly.

Natural digestive enzymes

NWC Naturals® brand digestive enzymes for pets are all natural, completely vegetarian, and contain no fillers, chemicals, wheat, yeast, gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, and are non gmo.

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