Signs your pet needs probiotics and enzymes: Part 1

enzymes and probiotics

Poor coat quality

A poor cost or excessive shedding may be a sign of stress on the body. Pets on average shed twice a year, not all year round. If the shedding appears excessive and the itching is more than usual this may be a sign of allergies or dry skin. Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® will help take the burden off the body so it can focus on repair and maintenance of the immune system.

Eye tear staining

Too many tears is an automatic response to irritants such as dust, infection, allergens, poor diet or a health problem. The excess tearing could be a health problem you do not realize your pet may have. It has been described as like when you have a runny nose. It is one way the body rids itself of toxins Total-Biotics® helps to boost your dog’s immune system and fight tear stains naturally.

Loose stools or constipation

Just like humans, dogs can become constipated. There are many identified causes of constipation in dogs, most of which are able to be treated by good life-style habits and supplementing with Total-Biotics® and Total-Zymes® at each meal. They can help support a good bowel movement. Probiotics are responsible for controlling the moisture content of the bowels. With the supplementation of Total-Biotics® probiotics for pets this will help let things move along. This is not a laxative effect but is part of the natural balance of the colon.

Gas and bad breath odor

Bad breath and gas may be a sign that your dog has a bacterial imbalance. Just like humans when your flora is off, it comes back up into the mouth or out the other end. Probiotics will help crowd out the bad bacteria causing the bad smell in your pet’s gut. Total-Zymes® digestive enzymes for pets can help them digest their food quickly so it does not linger in the intestines rotting and forming gas.

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