How Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® helped Goldie

enzymes and probiotics

This message was sent in from Joanie Shugar and Goldie:

“I have a very allergic Labrador retriever. She just turned three years old. I had her skin tested and she is allergic to trees and some coastal shrubs. I give her allergy shots once a month. She was allergic to some ingredient which was in the prozyme I was using for her.

I am on my second month of the Total-Zymes® and Total-Biotics® and she has much better stools and no gas and her coat is softer. She is digesting her food better. It has helped reduce the inflammation in her paws.

In the last six months I have tried only a few of the other enzymes on the market and none of them worked for her.

I have a friend with an allergic dog and she is also using your products. The salmon oil is great also.

Goldie is a registered therapy dog and visits nursing homes and children weekly, she is also a show dog in obedience going toward her AKC obedience titles.

Dogs with allergies can be lethargic and she was. Her energy level is up and she is back swimming and being a much happier dog. I love your products.”

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