Read this if you think your dog has warts


What are Canine Warts?

Canine warts are benign growths (just like human warts) that most often appear around the mouth, neck, and paws, although they can spread throughout the entire body. Canine warts appear due to a virus in the body, and can sometimes go away on their own.

Does My Pet Have Warts?

The following will help you identify whether your canine has warts:

  • Elevated flesh-colored bumps on the skin
  • Bumps in clusters or alone
  • A bump that looks like cauliflower
  • Can grow in size and number
  • Can spread throughout the body

What Causes Canine Warts?

Simply put, warts appear when a dog’s immune system is low or compromised. These can include:

  • Older male dogs with an aggressive behavior
  • Dogs who have made contact with other wart-carrying pets
  • Dogs with frequent cuts, scrapes, or insect bites
  • Newborn puppies
  • Puppies who have recently had vaccinations

Fact: Certain breeds are more susceptible to warts than others.

Is This Something I Should Worry About?

Research has shown that vaccinations play a key role in the outbreak of canine warts in young dogs. Puppies do not have the strong immune system of an older dog, and their bodies are not able to get rid of viruses quickly. But in time as their immune systems mature, their bodies can effectively eliminate the virus, and the warts will disappear on their own.

If your pet has warts, and they are not bothersome to your pet, we recommend leaving them as is, and going the natural route. (On our next post we will discuss the topic: Natural Remedies For Wart Removal)

Sometimes warts can be painful to your pet, causing itching and bleeding. Also common among puppies with oral warts is pain, itching, and interruption when eating. If this is the case, see your vet immediately. They may be able to prescribe helpful medication that will keep the warts under control and help eliminate them quickly. If your veterinarian prescribes any antibiotics, be sure to keep your pet’s gut healthy and prevent yeast infections using probiotics. (See the article: Antibiotics- The Holistic Approach)

Canine warts can be treated naturally and effectively: side effect free, and gentile on your pet’s system. Find out how in our next blog post: Natural Remedies For Wart Removal!


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